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Sat, 30 Mar


Studio Pittoreska


This 1-day Instructor Training Course will give you the training, tools and confidence you need to start leading your own Bellyfit® classes, stat. Learn the Bellyfit® philosophy, 7 section class format, teaching formula and foundational moves.

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Veranstaltungen / Events

Zeit & Ort / Time & Location

30 Mar 2019, 09:00 – 17:00

Studio Pittoreska, Linsebühlstrasse 41, 9000 St. Gallen, Switzerland



If you’re looking for an intelligently designed, incredibly effective, super fun, stress busting, energizing cardio dance fitness class set to off-the-charts phenomenal dance music ~ then YOU, beautiful woman ~ have hit the jackpot!

Bellyfit® workouts are designed specifically for the modern woman ~ pelvis, hips, belly, breasts, booty and brain ~ all that fabulous, feminine goodness gets worked, shaped and shimmied! Smart, right?

A team of incredibly talented, intuitive fitness professionals create easy to learn, inspiring routines that blend Belly Dance, Fitness and Yoga inspired moves seamlessly together in a way that’s so fun and effective that you won’t even notice what an amazing full body workout you’ve had until you peel off your sweat soaked bra after class and feel your muscles talking the next day!

Turns out, you can have it all.

And it’s all right here.

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This 1-day Instructor Training Course will give you the training, tools and confidence you need to start leading your own Bellyfit® classes, stat. Learn the Bellyfit® philosophy, 7 section class format, teaching formula and foundational moves.

Language: Instruction will be in English, German and Spanish. Training materials will be in English.


  • Learn the Bellyfit® philosophy, message and mission. Learn how to create a safe, inclusive, non-competitive environment AND deliver a kick-ass, powerful workout!
  • Help your participants transform body, mind, heart and soul with our leading edge Holistic fitness format.
  • Practice the foundational Bellyfit® moves and get one full routine & an awesome music mix to get you started.
  • Learn the 7 section class format, teaching formula, themes and visualizations, breath, alignment principles & energy awareness AND practise the basics of cueing, transitions, musicality, modifications and Mudras.
  • Learn about CREW, our next-level instructor support system and how you can access our extensive library of choreography videos, Bellyfit® specific music mixes and highly effective marketing materials. Learn more about CREW.


When you register for a live training course, you'll also get instant access to the online training materials which you're encouraged to review before you attend the live course.

Instructions on how to access the online resources will be sent to you at time of purchase.


Alice Bracegirdle is our maverick CEO, a global influencer and an overall master of business badassery.

For over 15 years, Alice has inspired thousands of women around the world to move & live in a way that’s strong, sexy & sacred. When she’s not with her teenage daughter, baking delicious treats or creating the next set of revolutionary choreography for Bellyfit®, she’s mentoring her team of Bellyfit® Master Trainers and CREW in over 15 countries around the world who are moving & empowering thousands of women every day.

Julia Araque is an eternal lover of life, visionary, humanist, traveler and silent observer of the world. She is very creative and has long been interested in various styles of artistic expression. Born in Caracas, Venezuela, she has already enjoyed a variety of different rhythms as a small child. Her life has always been filled with memories of dance, gymnastics and music.

After a period of change and a professional crisis, the learned Spanish teacher settled in southern Germany. Her life has once again found its course and what was her hobby has become a part of her daily life.

She is a passionate dancer and choreographer, tribal fusion exponent, certified as a Fitness trainer and Yoga teacher.

Furthermore, she is very interested in Ayurveda and alternative therapies, where she regularly attends further training courses. She never learns, her story continues.


Event is organized and held by Bellyfit Enterprises Inc., their terms Therefore, registrations are handled by Bellyfit Enterprises Inc.

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Mit der Anmeldung erklärst du Du dich mit den AGB von Pittoreska Dance & Movement einverstanden. Die Anmeldung ist verbindlich und die Teilnahmegebühr mit der Anmeldung fällig, zahlbar innert 10 Tagen. Bei Zahlungsverzug erfolgt eine Zahlungserinnerung mit einer neuen Frist. Bei weiterem Verzug kann der Platz je nach Bedarf freigegeben werden. Die Teilnahme ist nach Zahlung der Teilnahmegebühr garantiert. Eine Rückerstattung erfolgt grundsätzlich nur im Fall einer Absage des Events seitens der Veranstalterin. Versicherung ist Sache der TeilnehmerIn. Pittoreska Dance & Movement, die Unterrichtspersonen sowie ihre MitarbeiterInnen lehnen jegliche Haftung ab.

By registering you agree to the terms and conditions of Pittoreska Dance & Movement. The registration is binding and the participation fee is due upon registration, payable within 10 days. In the event of a default in payment, a payment reminder ist sent with a new deadline. In case of further delay, the spot might be released according to demand. Participation is guaranteed after payment of the participation fee. A refund will generally only be given in case of cancellation of the event by the organizer. Insurance is the responsibility of the participant. Pittoreska Dance & Movement, the instructors and their staff disclaim any liability.

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